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flowerwalk. [09 Apr 2007|05:48pm]
Seventeen photos of various flowers that I took this afternoon while out on a walk! :) I don't claim to be a great photographer, I just love taking macro shots.

I took these with a Fuji Finepix E900 digital camera in natural sunshine with MACRO mode on. I took 183 shots in a half hour, so I can assure you these were not taken with "OMG LETS GET THIS PERFECT SHOT!!!" in mind. I took, took, and took a whole lot more ;) To put in perspective, I averaged 6.1 shots for every minute I was out taking my walk.

christine"s flowerwalk photoshootCollapse )

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friends? [21 Dec 2005|11:20pm]
If you're seeing this as the most recent entry... that means that you need to leave me a comment asking to be added (or re-added). I've made this journal friends' only :) I'm not picky! My friends' list was just terribly old so it was time for a bit of...winter cleaning.

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